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Bertrand Ave Elementary


Bertrand Ave Elementary School is a Los Angeles Unified School District School in Local District North. Bertrand Ave is located in a community known as Reseda. Reseda is in the western region of the San Fernando Valley. Bertrand Ave Elementary was established in 1951.

Bertrand Avenue Elementary serves students from Pre-Kindergarten to 5th Grade. We offer four Special Education Classes. The school operates on a Traditional Calendar. Enrollment is approximately 450 students. The school reflects the diverse population of the community it serves. With this diverse population comes a wide range of languages. Due to the needs of our students, Bertrand Avenue Elementary receives compensatory education funds, which include Title I, Bilingual, and also participates in the Gifted Program. We are a Gold Ribbon School (2015-16) and a Leader in Me School as of 2017-18 School Year. Our staff and students develop and model the leadership elements described in the book, "The Leader in Me" and "The 7 Habits of Happy Kids." Come see our students Lead, Empower, Achieve, and Demonstrate.